Tactical Life Gear provides informative specifics and reviews on the products sought after by tactical enthusiasts at any level.  In a market that is constantly evolving from new and innovative technological advances, it is essential to keep tactical consumers well informed with weekly articles and product reviews. In its beginning, Tactical Life Gear, specialized on mainly knives and other edged tools and has since broadened the scope of our expertise to all things tactical.

Our goal is to assist potential buyers by providing unbiased comprehensive product reviews that serve to educate and inform.  Customers can purchase with confidence by finding balanced and sensible articles that provide product specifics, reviews, and comparisons.  We strive to deliver information on products that support any customer budget and not limit our knowledge and expertise to top tier items. We at Tactical Life Gear are tactical enthusiasts that know and use many of the very products we review.  As consumers of tactical products ourselves, we can offer knowledge and experience while maintaining unbiased information and reviews.  Our staff has a love and appreciation for the tactical lifestyle and each possess a unique and knowledgeable grasp on a specific product category.